BLK Wellness is a health and wellness training company that provides professional counselling services. We help employees function at their best by using an approach that looks at their physical, social, emotional, occupational, financial and intellectual wellbeing. Employee Wellness is critical for business growth because employees who are psychologically, emotionally and physically healthy; function more optimally in the workplace. We believe that the benefits and value that is achieved by improved employee health and wellbeing is priceless, as the human workforce in any organisation is one of its’ most important resources.

• Integrity in all we do

• Customer Service Excellence

• Going the extra mile


Our vision is to be the most sought after provider of wellness services in the Corporate and Public Sector markets.

To provide our customers with impactful and life-changing interventions and to give solutions to the challenges they face with a focus on prevention through education and training.

According to research, the five factors stressing out employees in the workplace include lack of consultation about change; lack of control or choice on what to do at work; unrealistic time pressure; bullying at work and strained work relationships. BLK Wellness, is able to alleviate all of these stress factors with our Wellness Programmes and Counselling Services.

1 in 6 South Africans suffer from anxiety or depression.

44% of employees are not doing enough physical activity.

Substance abusers are 33% less productive.

59% who have 1 or more of the chronic lifestyle diseases are also overweight or obese.

BLK Wellness offers therapeutic assistance and support on an extensive range of psychological, social and wellbeing related issues. We have a team of qualified professionals who provide practical health information, education, support and guidance on a broad range of health related topics.


Our counselling services include:

• Therapeutic Counselling

• Crisis Debriefing & Trauma Counselling

• Bereavement Counselling

• Substance Abuse Counselling

• HIV/AIDS Counselling

• Career Guidance Counselling



• Employee Wellness Programme Workshops and Training for team leaders and management.

• Stress Management Workshops

• Communication and Conflict Resolution Workshops

• Lay Counselling Training

• Behavioural Risk Management Workshops and Training

• Managing Alcohol and other Drug Abuse in the Workplace workshops

• Financial Education training and workshops

• Emotional Intelligence training and workshops

• Business Skills Development training and workshops

• HIV/AIDS Counselling workshops



BLK Wellness coordinates wellness programmes tailored to the organisational context, we ensure close ties between the wellness programmes we implement and organisational functioning at all levels. Our services are designed to provide innovative solutions to human capital risks to ensure peak performance and excellent service delivery.


Our Wellness Programme focuses on:

• Primary & Secondary Prevention efforts emphasising problem avoidance with regards to employee health and wellbeing

• Promoting Employee Physical Wellness by educating and creating awareness regarding health risks such as chronic diseases

• Psycho-Social Wellness interventions promoting social and financial wellbeing

• Organisational Wellness geared at addressing workplace risks such as workplace violence, stress, victimisation and discrimination.







By promoting wellness in the work place, employers help their employees feel more in control of their lives and empowered to make a difference on the job and in the lives of others. This is of benefit for employers because happy, healthy employees are more productive, more efficient, more resilient, and better able to cope with the ups and downs of life, whether at home or on the job.


By providing workers with wellness services, companies benefit on their investment with the following:


• Reduced staff turnover

• Reduced absenteeism

• Reduced health care costs

• Raised retention rates

• Camaraderie with co-workers

• Increased staff morale

• Increases productivity and profits

• Improved employee well-being and job satisfaction

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